Evaporative Air conditioning

When choosing Evaporative air conditioning in Perth. You have several great options with different brands and models. I would recommend buying an Australian made evaporative cooler.

Coolbreeze evaporative air conditioning

The Coolbreeze air conditioning system is manufactured in Western Australia. They also produce 2 different models with 5 different colours. So the cool breeze system is also exported worldwide.

Evaporative Air Conditioning Perth

Evaporative air conditioning is a cost effective way to cool your home.

Customers can buy the level of service required, We offer a fully installed ducted evaporative cooling system. or a complete DIY ducted evaporative air conditioning kit. This is where you do all the work, this method could save you up to $1000.00 dollars on installation costs. We can supply and install most major brands on the market.

Like with any thing you buy these days there is a need for you  to ask the right questions.

Five questions I would strongly recommend asking.

  1. Where is the unit made and what is the length of the warranty and what does it cover. We are starting to see a lot of imported products entering the market and in my opinion, the quality is not there yet.
  2. The components used in my system were are they manufactured. A lot of overseas flexible ducting is now entering the Australian market. Because the quality control is poor it is not to the same standard of Australian made products.
  3. Does the system have a drain valve? This is a must because it ensures a good level of water quality which will make the filter pads in your unit last longer.
  4. Is the unit fitted with a weather seal or can one be purchased? When winter comes around and you do a winter close down this will reduce cold air from entering your home.
  5. In my opinion, if your installation warranty is less than 5 years keep looking for a different company. We offer as standard a 5 year warranty on all our ducted evaporative air conditioning systems.

Cost of Evaporative air conditioning

Ducted evaporative air conditioning is the cheapest form of ducted air conditioning for cooling your whole home. So the capital cost of a ducted air conditioning system would start off at $3000.00 for a small home. Many different fractures can affect the price such as. The size of your machine. Because unlike reverse cycle air conditioning, Evaporative cooling cools your whole home at once. An incorrect sized evaporative air conditioner will not cool your home effectively. In fact, it will make it very unpleasant on days with high humidity. The number of ceiling outlets, also known as air conditioning vents will also affect your price

So in closing when choosing a brand of air conditioning system I suggest choose an Australian made system. Do your homework on the company you choose.