There are many different brands of evaporative air conditioning systems on the Perth market. Personally, I would recommend buying Australian made products. There are several reasons for this. In my opinion, the most important reason would be quality and performance. An Australian made evaporative air conditioner is designed and made for Australian conditions. Australian companies use tried test components from my experience. If there is a problem they fix it to ensure reliability in the there brand.

Features and benefits of the different brands

Every air conditioning brand has there own unique little feature. Some of these feature may sway you one way or the other. In my opinion you must always choose quality first. Some example of these features are listed below.

  • Price would have to be the biggest factor that people choose brands on.
  • Colours and size of machines and the shape and design.
  • Warranty, Brands offer longer warranty to get your details in most case conditions apply. As an example, you must have it serviced by their company in order to get the extra warranty.
  • Controller options with different features.
  • Air conditioning unit options with different features.

Brands of Evaporative units I would recommend

Evaporative air conditioning brands in Perth

So having spent over 35 years in the Perth air conditioning industry. I have seen many brands come and go along with air conditioning companies. Price is import but service and support are just as important. Choose your brand and the air conditioning company carefully. Because it is a large investment and needs to be worth the money you spend

Cool breeze

So Cool breeze is a Western Australian made evaporative air conditioning system with a fantastic range of models and colours. Offers a unique installation advantage, So can easily be installed by one person. So perfect for the single installer or A DIY air conditioning installation.


Ezycool brand air conditioner perth

Ezycool air conditioning systems come from the same home as the Cool breeze air conditioners. Like many of the reliable brands, each company manufactures serval different brands appealing to many different markets. Almost always the different brand is at different price points to each other. The Ezycool has the same unique build feature as the Coolbreeze


So Coolair Evaporative air conditioners are manufactured in South Australia. The Coolair air conditioning unit has been around for a very long time. I would consider them a very reliable unit for both domestic and commercial applications. They have a stylish looking casing and a range of eye pleasing colours.

evaporative air conditioning perth


Braemar is a well recognised evaporative air conditioning brand. Also well known for their heating products. Also made in South Australia by Seeley international who has been manufacturing in Australia since I started in the industry.

Design of your system is important

So no matter how good your air conditioning unit is. It will not make up for poor design or more importantly poor installation. So when selecting an air conditioning company to choose carefully. Because if you get the wrong advice it can be very costly.