Cool Breeze Ducted Evaporative Air Conditioning

Cool Breeze Ducted Evaporative Air Conditioning are made in Perth western Australia. They are a very efficient way of cooling your home. The Cool breeze unit comes in 5 vibrant colours. They complement most coloured roofs either tile or tin. One of the main advantages of the Cool breeze air conditioning system. Is the ease of installation of the system. Because the system is supplied in small size components. This makes it very easy for one man to carry the unit on to the roof.  The Cool Breeze air conditioning was also the very first brand on the market to use the efficient celdek filter material for the cooling pads. The Cool breeze system is also the only unit to have an exhaust function . This can extract warm air out of your home. The Cool breeze unit comes in 5 vibrant colours.

Cost of Cool Breeze Ducted evaporative air conditioning

Cool Breeze Ducted Evaporative Air Conditioning Perth

A Cool breeze ducted evaporative air conditioning system will cool your whole of home. Prices on the Australian made cool breeze evaporative coolers. With prices starting from $3200.00 fully installed.  We can also offer a Cool breeze diy ducted evaporative cooling system. Prices would start from $2100.00 supplied complete with a tailored design. Email me your plans for an obligation free quote. We will also recommend the size of the machine and the required number of ceiling outlets needed.

Evaporative air conditioning Components used.

Like every thing we buy these days, you get what you pay for. When selecting components for your ducted evaporative air conditioning system. Ask a few question is it made locally or imported. There are some low quality air conditioning vents in the market that fall apart over so keep an eye out for those. A lot of customers do not ask the back ground of the other components used in the ducted system. Insist on Australian made flexible ducting.

Best time of the year to buy Cool breeze ducted air

The cooler months of the year when sales are slow is the best time to buy any air conditioning system. It is also a perfect time of the year if you are considering a Diy project. Because it is nice and cool in the roof space doing the work. Depending on the size of your home the cost saving could be over $1000.00 dollars. You also tend to get a better job done in the cooler months as they are not rushing to get out of a hot roof because of the weather conditions.

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