Evaporative air conditioning vent

A quality evaporative air conditioning vent in Perth is a must. Why you might ask? Because you are regularly taking them down to clean them. If you buy a poor quality air conditioning vent blades will fall out or even break. A quality air conditioning vent will keep your Perth home looking stylish and modern for years to come without any broken blade.

air conditioning vent Perth

Size of air conditioning vents

Ducted evaporative air conditioning vents generally come in 3 sizes. The small 300 x 300 square vent is used in small bedrooms or small home offices. 400 x400 square air conditioning vent is used in larger areas like the master bedroom, kitchens, dining rooms. and large day time living areas. A 6-way evaporative air conditioning is used for very large rooms where you need lots of airflow .

Replacement of Evaporative air conditioning vent

Replacing air conditioning needs to be done from time to time. The reason the vents needs to be replaced. Is evaporative air conditioning vents are made out of plastic. Therefore over time with being exposed to sunlight, they turn yellow. So when people paint their ceilings when redecorating there home. the air conditioning vents need to be replaced because of the discoloration of the vent.

Air con vents are common to any of brand system

I have customers ring up and state they have a Cool breeze air conditioning system and want replacement ceiling vents. The same air conditioning vent will suit every different brand of evaporative ducted air conditioning system. Therefore the 2 measurements you need to know when replacing an air conditioning vent are.

  • Internal neck size of the air conditioning vents. Or the size of whole cut in the ceiling.
  • Second measurement is the diameter of flexible ducting connected to the back of the air conditioning vent.

So we can then recommend and supply a quality air conditioning vent.

How to replace evaporative air conditioning vents

So air conditioning vents are easily replaced by the homeowner. Because a large portion of plastic air conditioning vents is held in with plastic air conditioning clips. The air conditioning vent clips can be removed from inside the home.

  • Place a drop sheet on the ground under the air conditioning vent.
  • use a ladder to reach the ceiling vent and remove the plastic vent clips
  • Pull down and remove the whole vent from the ceiling and replace.
  • Therefore buy the correct size vent and it will be a simpl task